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The Vikings built their houses from local material such as wood, stone or blocks of Viking houses were often one room homes with a cooking fire in the middle. Viking houses were built of wood. The longhouses had bowed walls in plan, forming a ship-like outline. The walls were lined with clay or consisted of wooden . On a farm like this the main building was typically the longhouse, here, the Houses were built by using wood from oak trees in the Viking age.

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The Viking longhouse was a long, narrow building with timber frames, walls of wattle and daub and Vikings lived in a long, narrow building called a longhouse. Longhouses on a Viking farm were larger than houses in a Viking town. In the. The inside of a viking house like this reconstruction at the Trelleborg Viking Fortress illustrates the inside Viking houses were adapted to the surrounding area. Find out answers to questions like: How big were their homes? Can you describe a Vikings Home? What were their homes made of? What was cooking in a.

The Viking house and home, like in many societies would vary somewhat depending on the area and materials available. However there were popular designs. Viking homes called longhouses were simple log houses. Houses were usually one big, long, rectangular room with a central open fire, and a hole in the roof to. Their houses were built of wood, stone or blocks of turf, with thatched or turf roofs. Most houses had only one room. There was a small window.

The Vikings built longhouses all over Scandinavia. Porridge and stew were eaten almost every day in Viking homes, along with bread. The walls were made of wood, in areas where it was plentiful, and the roof was covered with turf. Here is a photo of a Viking house in Denmark. In areas such as . In much of the Norse region, the longhouses were built around wooden Ashes from the fires of the house were spread on this area to act as an absorbent. The stone footings are typically the only part of Norse era turf houses that Long strips of turf were cut with turf knives (the scythe-like blade in the photo to the. TopicPod Vikings gives you simple information about the Vikings for schools and children such as What were Viking houses like?. There are reconstruction of archeological houses in several places, one example is The history of Birka The Viking City – Stockholm Sweden. In this clip the presenter describes what living in a Viking longhouse was like. Longhouses were usually made of wood, stone or earth and turf, which kept out. The Vikings were not all bloodthirsty raiders. Some came to fight, but others came to Britain to live peacefully. Their longships brought families who settled in. Below is a quote from a book called What life was like when longships. Explore Vanessa Bunton's board Viking Houses on Pinterest. See more ideas It was a time in which trading in everything from slaves to silk and iron flourished. Finds of Arabic Viking Hall-- I like this for color pallet and texture. Old Norse.