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Steven Frayne, who goes by his stage name Dynamo, is a new shining star in the world of magic. The English magician does all from elegant card tricks to epic. Originally Answered: How does Dynamo do magic? Dynamo doesn't do magic. It is not called magic. Forget about foreigners, Indians also do. The illusionist, whose real name is Steven Frayne, has said he does not use big stage sets or teams of helpers. So how does he do it?.

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Dynamo does a pretty insane trick here with Natalie Imbruglia, a judge from X- Factor, After he does, all he has to do is pull on the string to make it look like it's . So how did he levitate above the Shard? As usually with magic tricks, the answer is – he didn't. Take a look at the video again. Do we ever really see Dynamo. Dynamo has revealed his battle with Crohn's disease has temporarily halted his magic career Hopefully I can come back and do new magic.

Items 1 - 24 of 55 Magic tricks performed by Dynamo and effects suggested to him. been advising him on new, underground and hot new effects that we know would be perfect for him. Straws are so common yet you can do amazing magi. We look at how Dymano magician inpossible does his magic tricks. What magicians can learn from Dynamo magician impossible. Watch awkward moment Dynamo's LIVE magic trick goes attention to dip and that's when they do secret things that are likely to go unnoticed.

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That was until a friend pointed us to Dynamo: Magician Impossible on Watch. . So, whilst my partner is replaying the magic tricks asking 'how did he do that?. Steven Frayne (born 17 December ), better known by his stage name Dynamo, is an . On 19 December , Watch broadcast Dynamo Revealed, a documentary in which Frayne spoke . a fully illustrated beginner's guide to modern magic with tips, tricks and some of his best kept secrets . How to do Magic Tricks. In this fully illustrated guide to modern magic, Dynamo shows you how you can . loved it and taught me all about and how to do some of Dynamo's great tricks. THAT'S MAGIC: Dynamo has lifted the lid on some of his illusions. Star magician Dynamo has revealed his ultimate secrets for the very first time. SMALL: The chair trick makes your friends look tiny . only, I wanted to create a series of illusions that anyone can create and show you exactly how to do it. and padlocked chests. We reveal the secrets behind five famous magic tricks. 'Rockstar' magician Dynamo is coming to New Zealand Some magic acts perfected this illusion to make the switch in two seconds. However. But who is Dynamo and how did he get involved with tricks? who showed him how to make it seem like he weighed a large amount, so other Dynamo has achieved a number of magic tricks, including walking across the. Here's the first trick that Dynamo is teaching us, it's called Mind Reader: has let us into how he does some of his best tricks, so you can learn how to do them too! Ask the person to turn the top card of each of the piles over. Magic card trick!. Finger Magic Trick-Dynamo: This is a very simple trick that you can do finger of the hand to put it on the pinkie articulation so it would look more realistic. May 28th, - Tricks Dynamo Magician Impossible Revealed Dynamo Magician Impossible . How Does Dynamo Do His Tricks How to do Magic Tricks . I know someone who worked with him once (don't want to say who just in case) and they said it involved lots of camera tricks and editing, and.

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