How to make a reading lamp

How to Make a Portable Reading Lamp. When you're camping, traveling by car, sleeping under the stars or having a sleepover, reading by. Make an Amazing Reading Lamp: Do you want to read at your bed but don't have a lamp for reading?Here is the simplest instructable to solve this problem. High-efficiency LED Reading Lamp: Have you ever wanted to read at night ohm, 1/4 watt resistor (I ordered 1, to use when I build the LED lights for my.

how to use your phone as a reading light

DIY Led Desk Lamp: In this Instructable, I will show how to make an attractive and modern desk lamp using common supplies from Home Depot and IKEA. How to Build a Wooden Desk Lamp: For this instructable I am going to show you how to make this wonderful wooden desk lamp using simple hand tools. Desk lamps might be a dime a dozen, but finding one like is surprisingly hard. YouTuber Darbin Orvar shows off one method to make your own.

Finding the right reading lamp can prove to be a challenge and sometimes it's just easier to design or make it yourself. There's several things. How to Make a Table Lamp - A table lamp can be made with almost any container -- from wine bottles to baskets -- in just a few easy steps. Learn how to make a. on Pinterest. See more ideas about Desk lamp, Lamp design and Night lamps. DIY: create a wooden lamp for the office #create #office #wooden Table.

This DIY is the final installment in our three-part project series that shows how to create stylish lamp bases using POM Wonderful juice bottles. These lamps show that you can make a unique DIY lamp by putting to good use Above: True Vintage Rotary Phone Upcycled Table Lamp by BenclifDesigns. Case in point, creative desk lamps! Whether you want to learn how to make your own or support a creative lamp maker, here are 20 handmade. We love our LED lamps (See Five Best Energy Efficient LED Desk Lamps) for energy See a couple ideas on making your own after the jump. Utrecht area maker Tim Castelijn built this adjustable desk lamp from a stainless steel salad bowl and parts liberated from an old bed frame. The experts at share instructions on how to make a table lamp using a birch wood log. How to make a table lamp look taller so you can add more flair to your room or broaden the lighting circumference in larger areas. This project shows you how to make a table lamp using a bunch of LEDs and a Timer circuit. Why spend so much money on a lamp when you can make it yourself? Follow this step-by-step video to make your own table lamp and add some light to your. This cool DIY industrial lamp is made from steel pipe and fittings and a light kit. It only takes a few minutes to make this cool item. We'll show you how.

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