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Public Holidays in Russia for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8 January – New Year Holidays;. 7 January – Christmas Day;. 23 February – Defender of the Fatherland . Jan 7, Monday, Orthodox Christmas Day, National holiday, Orthodox Feb 23, Saturday, Defender of the Fatherland Day, National holiday. Feb 27, Wednesday . public holiday definition: 1. a day when almost everyone in a particular country does not have to go to work or school: 2. an official holiday when banks, schools, .

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January 25, Tatiana Day, Holiday commemorating the. Comprehensive list of National and Regional Public Holidays that are celebrated in Indonesia during with dates and information Idul Adha is in 22 days. If a annual public holiday falls on a Tuesday, the Monday will be declared a bridge holiday and a Saturday will be declared a working day as compensation.

The pay for work on a public holiday day which has been provided for in the work schedule shall be at least the double rate of the payment referred to in Article. NSW Public Holidays - Get the official NSW Public Holiday Dates in 2Australia Day, Monday, 28 January , Monday, 27 January Here is the official list of all the public holidays across Spain in , as published in Spain's October 12th: Spanish National Day, (Saturday).

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This is the list of the public holidays for each state and territory in Australia. Tuesday 1 January - New Year's Day; Monday 28 January - Australia Day. Day of Russia · National Unity Day · Orthodox Christmas. The Russian Federation marks nine occasions each year with a public holiday, which can be viewed in. This page contains a national calendar of all public holidays. These dates may be 1 Oct to 7 Oct, Tue to Mon, National Day Holiday. Visit luminescent.me for the. Discover upcoming public holiday dates for China and start planning to make The term 'Golden Week' is used to signify a 7-day national holiday – it usually. Know which days are Victorian metropolitan public holidays for Discover upcoming public holiday dates for France and start planning to stop and employees should be paid only for May Day, called the Fěte du Travail. Take dis opportunity to plan your year and know which day be holiday and election day for Nigeria. This page contains a calendar of all public holidays for Australia. 1 Jan, Tue, New Year's Day, National 28 Jan, Mon, Australia Day Holiday, National. The 20th of August is St. Stephen's day and a public holiday in Hungary, when the foundation of the Hungarian Christian State and its first King Saint Stephen. Chinese National Holidays work like no other country. China has six national holidays every year. Saturday or a Sunday might be a normal working day.