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On his recently released Kamikaze, Eminem fired several disses at Kelly in response to the shots the Cleveland rapper has thrown over the. Yep, Staples took to Twitter to quote Eminem's lyrics and even suggested that Eminem should fight it out with another rapper dissed on. Rapper Machine Gun Kelly took it to Eminem via diss track while most of you were on the lake drinking beers yesterday.

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The Ben's Big Blog project, a statistical analysis of hip-hop music, decided to count all the disses and attacks Eminem made on people. The totality of Eminem diss tracks is almost as long as his catalog, and his lyrics have caused countless feuds in the rap community. The people Eminem has. Justin Bieber Eminem diss new generation rap controversy beef “I just like Em's flow but don't like that he's dissing new rappers,” the.

When it comes to starting feuds with A-list celebrities, Eminem has proven he's a master of the craft. Since he burst onto the scene he's managed to offend. After Justin Bieber dissed Eminem by saying he 'doesn't understand' modern rap, HollywoodLife learned just how Slim Shady felt about the. Killshot (stylized in all caps) is a diss track written and performed by American rapper Eminem and produced by Illa da Producer. The song is Eminem's.

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Its been made pretty clean by members of RG that EM is a demi-god in many peoples eyes. That being said, if a rapper did come along that could compete or. Eminem continued to diss Carey on his Anger Management tour. Where he plays voice messages that he says are from Carey. After the voice messages. In a new four-part interview with Shade 45's Sway Calloway Eminem breaks down Kamikaze and explains why he decided to take shots at all the artists he did. Eminem's beef with Machine Gun Kelly and MGK's beef with G-Eezy, explained. Eminem drops diss track “Killshot” after two weeks of fighting. Eminem has explained why he took a swipe at fellow US rapper Machine Gun Kelly on his most recent record. Earlier this month, Eminem. Justin Bieber called out Eminem for not understanding modern rap. Eminem Responds to Machine Gun Kelly Diss Track. image. Eminem Is. Sorry Eminem, Justin Bieber doesn't like that you're “dissing new rappers.”. Young Thug's IG story said Machine Gun Kelly murdered Eminem Says MGK's Comment About Hailie Wasn't the Reason He Dissed Him. Before came to a close, Machine Gun Kelly had to fire one last shot at Eminem. The Cleveland rapper took to Instagram to share a post. Days after Eminem dissed Machine Gun Kelly on Not Alike, MGK unleashed his own retort, the harsh Rap Devil, in which he accuses.