How to plant lavender in clay soil

Lavender needs bright sunlight, dry soil, great drainage, and alkaline soil. But with a bit of thought and special care, you can still grow lavender. Planting and Caring for Lavender (in the South). Our native clay soil and humid conditions are a challenge for lavender. Select a garden location. Lavender will tolerate clay soil if other factors are right and it is in a warm, sunny position. You could, for example, plant it at the top of a bank, thus ensuring a.

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A concrete block has more pore space (7%) than clay soil so why do we think we can grow crops in clay unless we amend it with organic matter. SAND should. However, to improve the drainage of your clay soil to make it suitable for growing lavender you can mix in a combination of gravel and sand. Growing lavender can be a challenge for gardeners who live in moist climates Two parts non-clay soil (for climates getting more than 40 of annual rainfall.

In my experiences growing lavender, I have faced many challenges. Clay soil, humid conditions, drought, long periods of rain, clouds, wind. How to grow and care for hardy lavender, and how to use it in your flower one requirement is for excellent drainage; sandy soils are ideal, clay soils less so. Easy to grow shrub; Flowers in late spring and summer; Evergreen foliage, usually silver-grey or grey-green; Best planted in spring, in free-draining soil; Thrives.

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Here's how to plant and grow lavender in your garden! Prized for its If you have heavy or clay soil, add some organic matter to improve drainage. Learn more. Alan Titchmarsh, tips, growing, lavender, garden Choose your Cold, claggy clay soil will often bring about its demise in winter due to rotting. Explore Karen Watkins Stewart's board Growing lavender on clay soil on Pinterest. See more ideas about Vegetable Garden, Potager Garden and Edible . The garden featured in this post contains just 18 plants of the Gros Blue Our soil has a lot of clay in it, so we dig a hole 18″ deep and fill it. But, that doesn't mean you can't grow gorgeous garden plants in clay soil. Its wispy lavender flower spikes and silvery foliage make it an anchor of the summer . I have a narrow bed outside a new conservatory, 8 foot long, 15 inches wide. As far as I can see it's never been cultivated but I want to grow. Lavender is a popular and versatile plant. It's happiest in sandy, stony soils and wet, clay soils are its nemesis (particularly for the variety. valued plant for households across the world. Its fragrance lavender is grown around the world where the climate in clay soils may create an even greater. What kind of soil do I use for lavenders in containers and clay soil? I am wanting to plant my lavender in the ground but my soil is clay and. Lots of sun, space, limited watering, and good drainage. You want a soil with a high pH. If you plop your plant in a clay based soil, do not expect it to be happy.