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Iran 5 July Iran demands UK release of oil tanker held in Gibraltar. Gibraltar says tanker transporting crude oil to Syria in breach of EU sanctions, as Spain. The conflict in Syria began as a series of major pro-reform demonstrations in key cities in early These protests - and the Assad government's reaction to. Clynfyw Care Farm also sends donated walking sticks and frames to Syria and Ex-soldier Lisa Smith, who now lives in a Syria refugee camp with her child.

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The limited U.S. force has had a large impact on Syria's war, beating back ISIS and bringing relative calm to one corner of the country. Latest news from Syria as covered by the Guardian. News and stories UK and France to send further forces to Syria in aid of US withdrawal. Published: 9 Jul. In , the group began to take over large areas of a country called Iraq, next door to Syria. Then, they moved into eastern Syria and - in the chaos of the war.

IT DID NOT take long for America's decision to withdraw from Syria to be felt to convince Mr Trump to slow down the withdrawal, to take place. UK to send more troops to Syria after Trump demands · Middle East · Iran nuclear deal at threat US-led coalition sounds warning over 'next generation' of Isis. If so, what happens to Syria's remaining residents, warring factions and this week that he will bring home the 2, US troops now in Syria.

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With the Syrian government having secured the area around Damascus its attention now seems to be turning to both Idlib province in. What happened to the war in Syria? A fighter from Jaysh al Islam runs to avoid sniper fire in Douma. Article Navigation; The start; The battles. As the Syrian civil war enters its 9th year, with up to , dead and that Assad is interested in happening and he would rather avoid any. Air strikes targeted rebel-held cities in northwest Syria on Friday, a war monitor reported, widening bombardment of the last major insurgent enclave to areas that . Exactly what “moving on” means will become apparent in the months ahead but such a rapid exit has obvious ramifications. Officials said the tanker was detained under European Union sanctions on Syria. Shipping monitors said it was also trying to skirt United States sanctions on Iran. But it also raises an uncomfortable question – what will happen now the US has announced a withdrawal from Syria and what will be the. Turkey now maintains de-facto control over the Afrin region of Syria, It remains to be seen what will happen to the millions of Syrian refugees. The crushing eight-year war laid waste to Syria's industrial cities and crippled its workforce. Now deepening poverty and deprivation are undermining the because they solved the crisis, but the opposite [has happened].”. The following is a timeline of the Syrian Civil War from January to April Information about . meeting that President Bashar al-Assad has defeated the opposition and is now seeking to control over all Syria. The released joint statement did not specify what the measures were or when they might happen.