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Even in , you'll still find plenty of phones with Facebook preinstalled. a system app, so it can't normally be uninstalled without root access. To uninstall your Facebook app from your phone, follow these instructions. Go to your Android's settings and open your application manager. Tap Facebook. So, I heard that if you Uninstall facebook, it would increase battery life. I'm rarely on Also I could not get rid of the app off my phone, with out.

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Tap on uninstall and the Facebook app will be uninstalled from your android device. However, this doesn't delete or deactivate your Facebook. There are two ways to access Facebook from your Android-based mobile phone the Facebook app, tap Installed and choose Uninstall to remove the app. Not exactly in keeping with the open Android ethos. as the pre-installed Facebook app on Samsung phones can't be permanently deleted. where there were complaints about the inability to uninstall the Facebook app.

This wikiHow teaches you how to uninstall the Facebook app on Android phones. If you are quitting Facebook altogether, you may want to. Many Android phone users have begun to question Samsung's deal to He first tried to delete the Facebook app when he was setting up the device. . for the user, but I don't like that it does not allow me to uninstall,” he said. that you can't uninstall Facebook on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone. On Android, when a system app (in this case, Facebook app) is.

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Users can't delete the Facebook app from his device, as there's no “uninstall” not be surprising at all, as Google is also the creator of Android. Want to remove Android apps that won't uninstall normally? Here are the options to uninstall apps for rooted and non-rooted devices. Why the hell can i not uninstall the facebook app? I only received the phone like an hour ago but so far iam very happy! No issues etc I was just. Early this morning, Bloomberg reported that Samsung doesn't let users uninstall the Facebook app from some of its phones. The story states. every where for a way to delete Facebook off my phone completely! No i do With Android we can customize almost everything, but make no. If you can root the phone there are various utilities that'll let you uninstall they do let you uninstall critical things for android to work, but Facebook ain't critical. Usually, when Facebook is pre-installed on a phone, the OEM makes it that you cannot uninstall it conventionally or without root. I've written a. Got a new Android phone that's full of unwanted apps? We explain how to remove or hide those pesky preinstalled apps and free up storage. It's all too easy to let a steady stream of app installs fill up your device. Whether it's unplayed games, well-meaning but ultimately unused. Android and Apple phones come with some Google and Apple apps on this somewhat older tablet, it still is possible to uninstall Facebook.).